Three World Records Set in

2017 Golden Trowel® Competition


Thirteen Golden Trowels® were awarded to 12 different contractors from three continents at the annual Golden Trowel® ceremony held today at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.  Three contractors from Australia and the USA produced World Record F-Numbers in their respective categories.  Five contractors were first-time winners.

Presented by The Face® Companies of Norfolk, Virginia, Golden Trowels® are given annually in recognition of the flattest and most level floor slabs produced in the world.

Christman Constructors, Inc., of Livonia, MI, a first-time Golden Trowel winner, stepped into the ranks of Golden Trowel Winners in a big way, by breaking not one but two world records on their first try on a large defined-traffic (Fmin) floor.

Eldridge Concrete, of Newton Grove, NC, a second-time Golden Trowel winner, produced more than a mile of floor track and broke a world record on another large defined-traffic (Fmin) floor.

Tuss Concrete, of Gingin, Western Australia produced the third of this year’s world records, in the hotly-contested Large Laser Screed (wide Bay) category, and took home a Silver trowel in the equally tough Defined Traffic category.  No stranger to the Golden Trowel competition, Tuss has won six previous awards; these are his seventh and eighth awards.

Brian Birdwell of SSI was this year’s winner of the “Sam” award for his exceptional accomplishments in and contributions to the art & science of high quality horizontal concrete construction.

To date, 328 Golden Trowels® have been presented to 127 different contractors since the first Golden Trowels® were awarded in 1989.  Golden Trowel® Gold Plates are awarded to the winner in each category; Golden Trowel® Silver Plates recognize outstanding entries that did not win their category.

Details of all the winning entries follow.

Fmin (Defined Traffic) Awards

Fmin is quite different from FF and FL.  For one thing, the Fmin Numbers are based on the worst part of the floor, not the average.  Fmin floors are judged by their Fmin Numbers and by the number and length of the aisles.  The longer the aisle, the more chances it has to fail, and of course, the greater the number of aisles, the more chances there are to fail.

Fmin floors actually have 4 different specifications to meet or achieve:

  • Fmin Longitudinal Levelness is the fore-and aft tilt, or pitch, of the floor.
  • Fmin Longitudinal Flatness is the rate of change of pitch angle.  This could be described as the “bumpiness” of the floor.
  • Fmin Transverse Levelness is based on the very worst side-to-side roll angle of the floor, or how far to the side it tilts at the worst case.
  • Fmin Transverse Flatness is based on the roll rate, or the rapidity at which the roll angle changes.

Christman 17 

Elridge 17

Tuss 2 17

Tuss 17

Mitramas 17

Zacklim 17

Full Tilt 17

Concrete Strategies 17

Precision 17

BSY 17

BCI 17

Tri Con 17

Rosetti 17

Birdwell 17



Here are the winners of the 2016 Golden Trowel® Awards

In Recognition of Excellence in Construction of Flat and Level Concrete Floors

Prosistemas 2016 GT Fernandes 2016 GT IQ 2016 GT S&S 2016 GT Precision 2016 GT Rosetti 2016 GT Prosistemas 2016 GT Silver Bess 2016 GT Silver Full Tilt 2016 GT Silver


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